A community and staff
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Client – VIVA Energy

How often does the opportunity to run an event at an oil refinery come up? Well, Oregional were given just that, and what an experience it was, one that we are still incredibly grateful for.

With an on-the-ground support crew, in August of 2017, Oregional were privileged to event manage the inaugural VIVA Energy Geelong Refinery Open Day. The Open Day provided a chance for the community to learn about all aspects of the refinery’s operations and be entertained by a number of local acts and meet motorsport and AFL legends. It also provided the chance for employees to come together socially as well as show their friends and family their workplace. 

Why do we still feel privileged? The experience this event provided our team in risk and emergency management was absolutely priceless.

As well as developing a, shall we say, “next level” risk management plan, Oregional curated and coordinated the stage lineup, food offerings, and kids’ activities and helped VIVA Energy’s internal teams and partners develop their exhibition stalls.

The public event was well attended by staff, families and the public, with over 1,500 people interested in learning more about their local refinery.

All images on this page provided by Pam Hutchison.

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