A town’s heart
and soul on parade

Client – City of Ballarat

For four years, Oregional Collective developed, managed and delivered the Ballarat Begonia Parade, an integral community component of the
Ballarat Begonia Festival and an event that boasts a long and rich history.

Oregional worked collaboratively with the City of Ballarat to provide stories to pitch to media, allowed opportunities for councillors to get involved and encourage as much participation from the community as possible.

While budget limitations provided challenges to reproduce the nostalgic parades of the past, early engagement and relationships with community groups resulted in 45-50 entries year upon year, drawing massive crowds that then filtered through to festival grounds on the final day of the Ballarat Begonia Festival.

With care for the event’s future, when it was time to move on to our next adventure, Oregional ensured a comprehensive handover.

Community Engagement

Event Planning and Delivery 

Budget Management 


Risk and Emergency Management

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