The Back to
    Earth Initiative

Ever wondered
what happens to your
green waste?

Client – Metropolitan Waste Management Group

The Metropolitan Waste Management Group launched a campaign aimed at educating residents in participating councils on how to use their green recycling bin correctly, with the goal of reducing the amount of organic waste being dumped in landfill. 

As part of this, an innovative responsive website was developed that demonstrated in a simple and engaging way the journey organic waste takes from kerbside collection back to earth. 

As individual councils waste management programs differed, a stakeholder engagement and management program was implemented to ensure the campaign accommodated each councils requirements. After a number of workshops and ongoing weekly update meetings, just over 20 councils participated in the launch of the campaign. As a testament to the success of the initiative, there are now over 30 participating councils. 

The campaign also included print, press and activations in key shopping precincts of participating councils. 



Campaign Creative 
Stakeholder Engagement Program

Poster and POS material


Website Design Concept

Website Design Concept

Printed Colateral


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