Food Cubes

Outdoor dining
activation project

Client – Pyrenees Food Cubes

Oregional and NLB Events co-managed the outdoor dining activation project with and on behalf of the Pyrenees Shire Council.

Furals Workshops joined the team with their innovative and cost-effective cube concept, made from recycled materials and designed to have longevity.

The cubes featured a solid perspex roof, perfect for admiring the Pyrenees skies, plus a solar-powered sensor light for safety, which also illuminates the panel colours representing the Shiraz Central wine region brand palette.

Sized to comply with temporary regulations, they were perfect for enjoying a coffee and a bite to eat in Avoca and Beaufort for the 10-week activation period.

The cubes made up a modest proportion of the infrastructure rolled out in the Pyrenees region as part of the Victorians State Government’s Outdoor Eating and Entertainment grant. 

Furals Workshops have used the cubes at other events across the Western District to host kids’ activities and more. 


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Concepts for re-use

Shiraz Central wine region brand palette

Temporary eco-friendly activation 

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